“I recently boarded my miniature Yorkie, Alf, at Mollycoddles. He is a rescue dog and was quite underweight when he came to live with me. Like a lot of Yorkies he is picky and very finicky with food. I totally love him to bits and I was naturally quite anxious during my time away from him.
I need not have worried since Fin and her family are all lovely, very warm and welcoming and you feel instantly at ease the moment you enter their rather beautiful home. While I was away, I received two very reassuring texts from Fin telling me that Alfie was having a ball with all the other dogs she cares for and that he was eating well. He has obviously had a great time and I would not hesitate to take him to Mollycoddles anytime I am unable to be with him. In fact I think Fin should extend her hospitality to humans and open up a pet and owner B and B. I`d be the first one to book up for a week!”