Meet the Team


walking aimee

My name is Fionuala (or Fin for short!) and I started Mollycoddles Pet Care in the Summer of 2011 when I realised that, firstly, there seemed to be a distinct lack of dependable pet care and, secondly, I no longer wanted to work in an office! It was time to follow my life-long dream of working with animals. Since then I have cared for a large variety of dogs and cats. All with different personalities, quirks and needs. I absolutely love what I do and have got to know and build strong bonds with lots of pooches and pussy cats. I have a wonderful Chocolate Labrador called Kayla and I am trained in Pet First Aid.

Here are some of my team…..



Heidi lives with her husband in Hockley Heath very close to the park so ideal for walking her doggie guests. After coming back from Australia, where she volunteered at a dog shelter for 8 years, Heidi missed the contact with her canine friends and so decided to open her home up to pooches needing a home from home environment.


Iris & Ron


Iris grew up on a farm in County Cork, Southern Ireland with lots of dogs.
Iris, and her husband Ron, live in a lovely bungalow in Shirley and have always had dogs, (usually from the Dog’s Home for strays) and still have a cat called Tiger.
They enjoy looking after other people’s dogs and particularly love the fact that the same dogs come back time and again so they build up a real bond with them. They love exploring the garden whilst Tiger, watches superciliously from the garden table!




Ruth simply adores dogs, cats, snakes you name it – and she owns all 3 plus tropical fish! After the pressures of a career within the NHS, she now combines a part-time administrative job in the afternoons with dog walking in the mornings so gets the best of both worlds. Ruth is currently undertaking a First Aid course for puppies and dogs and she covers Olton and surrounding areas.


word-imageKathryn comes from an animal loving family and over the years has homed all kinds. Now her children have left home she looks after their cats & dogs. After losing her own dog a few years ago, she started working in an animal charity shop. Kathryn lives in Wythall and covers there and surrounding areas for our dog walking needs. She feels it’s the next best thing to owning an animal & the exercise is very beneficial!!!!


Clare & Family


Clare is our crazy animal lady! She loves all animals and not only boards, she also walks several of our doggy clients plus home visits. Clare lives with her husband, children, 2 cats and dog Betsy.




Paul & Dawn


Paul and Dawn are a semi-retired couple who have had cats and dogs for most of their lives. They were involved with the Retired Greyhound Trust for several years. They love to do a lot of travelling so don’t feel it is fair to have a pet of their own but they just don’t feel a house is a home without a furry companion so in between their jaunts away they welcome dogs in for boarding.




One day Lianne and her husband would like to get another dog but not just yet. They have so much love for dogs that it would be a shame to waste it which is why they are welcoming dogs into their rather lovely home. Their two children adore playing with dogs so much and can’t wait for their next furry guest to come along. As Lianne works for herself from home, she is in an ideal situation to care for your fur baby whilst you are away and will allow you to relax whilst keeping you updated with what pooch has been up to.