Home Dog Boarding*

A real alternative to kennels, we provide a loving home environment, lots of care and attention and daily walks and play. We will do our best to fit around your dog’s usual schedule of feeding and walks as well as any other special requests you have.

Doggie Day Care*

Going to be out all day? Whether it be work commitments, a family occasion or something else; we can provide day care for your dog where he/she will enjoy having company and get the necessary fuss, attention and walks.

*All dogs staying with us need to be up to date with their vaccinations, as well as fully protected by flea and worming treatments. I’m afraid we are unable to offer day care or boarding to dogs displaying any aggression to people or other dogs.

Dog Walking

We can pick up your dog from home and he/she will be taken to somewhere suitable to get plenty of exercise and heaps of fun. This will include plenty of fuss, attention, play, or whatever your dog loves to do. We have lots of balls and toys to take with us.

We carry our own towels to dry your dog if wet or at the least give mucky paws a wipe upon return.

Puppy/Dog Visits

We can let your puppy or older dog out into the garden to do their business, give a feed if required, lots of cuddles, fuss and play. Help in a puppy’s transition to being left home alone.

Cat Visits

Cats love to be in their own home surroundings. An alternative to a cattery would be to let us feed and water your cat(s) and, most importantly, give loads of fuss and affection whilst there. We can clean out litter tray and clean bowls. With the added benefit that whilst there we will happily water your plants and bring in the mail/papers whilst you are away.

Small Animals

Caged animals such as hamsters, rabbits, guinea pigs, gerbils and mice can be visited in your home where they will be checked, cleaned out and fed. Alternatively, we can look after small caged animals at our house.